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Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Do you have uneven or sinking portions of your concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways, or other concrete surfaces around your home? Erosion and differential settlement are most likely the root cause of your sunken concrete, but the good news is that we can raise and level your sunken concrete to its original position without removing or damaging your structures!

Concrete lifting and leveling (commonly referred to as slab jacking) is a technique used to restore a failed or settled section of concrete slab to its original height while remaining level and adding strength to the concrete slab and the supporting soil beneath. 

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, we diligently investigate each project site and employ the most advantageous methods and materials depending on the site geology and issue at hand. We work with Prime Resins, a pioneer in slab jacking materials and equipment, to give the customer the best quality and service that is available. Prime Resins has developed a line of products called the Prime Flex 985 Series, which are specific for slab jacking and concrete leveling applications. This product consists of 2 component polyurethane foams that expand upon injection at a rate of up to 20 times the original volume. These structural foams reach 85% of max load capacity and are traffic ready within 15 minutes. The cured strength of these structural foams is 10,000 pounds per square foot, which is why we are able to guarantee our concrete leveling and slab jacking projects for up to 10 years. Using Prime Resins innovative Precision Lift System, we can lift and level a concrete slab within a half hour and no excavation or digging is required. Our process is the least intrusive method for lifting and leveling slabs and usually requires only a few small holes to be drilled through the slab. After injecting the structural foam and leveling the sunken concrete, these holes are filled with mortar or epoxy and then refinished to match the appearance of the surrounding, original concrete. Our slab jacking and concrete leveling restores your concrete structures to their original position for years to come and costs significantly less than traditional concrete replacement.
A concrete slab will settle for many different reasons related to the underlying soils. Some of these common reasons could be:
• Expansion or shrinkage of underlying soil •
• Structure was constructed on non-compacted fill •
• Erosion of underlying soil •
• Tree roots growing under the foundation and displacing the underlying soil. •

​It is for these many reasons why you should have a qualified foundation engineer assess the site to determine the cause of the problem and the best solution for repair. At DFS, a qualified engineer is assigned to oversee every project from start to finish so you know you are receiving the best solutions for your foundation repair. 
Although not realized by many foundation repair contractors, soil stabilization is paramount in many applications of repairing a failing foundation or un-level concrete. Most foundation repair contractors will only apply the slab jacking technique used to repair settling foundations, when there is a need for both soil stabilization and slab jacking in combination with each other. If your foundation is settling and causing cracked concrete and/or un-level floors, most of the time it is due to the underlying soil being unstable in one of many ways. Leveling the concrete without stabilizing the supporting soil is essentially just masking the root of the problem. Initially, it will look good on the surface but the foundation or concrete slab will continue to fail or settle over time if you do not address the underlying cause of the problem.

Signs of sunken concrete:

• Cracking or uneven concrete •
• Cracking / Settling concrete •
• Sinking steps or sidewalks •
• Soil washout or erosion •
• Water pooling or puddles on concrete •
Our Precision Lift system is a simple, effective, and affordable solution to level and restore your sunken and cracked concrete!
Our Precision Lift System can raise and level your sinking concrete or pool deck in minutes. Our structural foams are environmentally friendly, and fully NSF / ANSI certified for use near potable water sources!
Why not Mud Jacking?

For decades, the Mud Jacking technique has been used to level and raise concrete slabs throughout the country. The process consists of pumping cement grout under sunken concrete slabs at high pressure to fill any voids and stabilize the weak soils beneath the sinking slab. The process is repeated through several large holes until the concrete is raised and leveled to the desired position. 

Mud Jacking has provided a solution for sinking and cracked concrete over the years, but it has several downfalls that can limit its effectiveness and affordability.

Other Names for Mud Jacking:

• Slab Jacking •
• Slab Lifting •
• Pressure Grouting •
• Concrete Raising •
• Concrete Leveling •
• ​Concrete Slab Raising •
Downfalls of Mud Jacking to Level Concrete Slabs
Cement slurry is very heavy, and can cause further settlement to your concrete.

Cement grout shrinks after it cures, which can create more void space under the concrete slab that was slab jacked.

Mud Jacking is far more intrusive and requires much larger holes for installation.

Mud Jacking is difficult to control, and cannot lift as accurately as polyurethane injection..
We've Got You Covered!

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, we employ our Precision Lift System to provide a quicker and more effective solution to your sinking concrete slabs, patios, driveways, stairs, and other concrete structures. Our structural foams provide more structural integrity to your sunken concrete slabs, and are a much more precise technique to raise concrete. Our polyurethane injection only requires a few penny-sized holes, and can raise and restore your cracked and sinking concrete for years to come! We can even level your floors and sinking concrete inside your home or business without damaging your floors. We are your trusted concrete leveling contractor in Florida and Southern Georgia, so let us provide all of your concrete leveling and raising needs!
We are your trusted commercial concrete lifting contractor in Florida and South Georgia
Is your commercial building or concrete slab sinking? Do your sidewalks and work areas have un-level portions of concrete that pose tripping hazards? Sinking concrete is unsightly and also reduces property value. Our Precision Lift System offers a simple, cost effective solution to raise and level your concrete slabs to a safe position.

Traditionally, foundation contractors have used inferior methods such as mud jacking, concrete grinding, or total concrete replacement to address large portions of sunken concrete in warehouses and large entities. Our Precision Lift System is ideal for large commercial applications and slab leveling projects. Our polyurethanes have been used on some of the largest structures in the U.S., and we have yet to find a concrete lifting job too large for our Precision Lift System.
We are your trusted commercial concrete lifting contractor in Florida and South Georgia!
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Our structural polyurethane foams are widely accepted by Government Agencies, Industrial Companies, and Commercial Businesses. We can lift portions of warehouse floors, highways, bridge abutments, railroads, and airports using our Prime Resins polyurethane injection process. Most large corporations prefer our slab jacking and concrete raising processes as they can many times be performed without disrupting their daily operations. Our process can be performed any nearly any space, and only requires a few penny-sized holes to raise your commercial foundation. Our polyurethane injection cures within an hour and can be walked on after just 15 minutes!

Commercial Concrete Leveling Applications

• Warehouses •
• Airports •
• Highways / Bridges •
• Railroads •
• Retail Stores •
• Office Buildings •

We utilize a variety of resins and polyurethane foams to stabilize the supporting soil, fill void spaces and cracks in your concrete, and strengthen your existing concrete slab or structure. It is important that this process be performed by certified professionals to ensure the slab is lifted and supported properly for maximum durability and structural integrity. 
Our Precision Lift System is the concrete raising solution you can rely on. We believe in our process, and offer warranties on all our concrete lifts
At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, our background in geotechnical engineering, foundation design, and foundation testing coupled with years of field service allows us to provide the customer a permanent solution to the foundation issue at hand. When it comes to foundations, every project is different. There is no “one solution” that is best for each and every circumstance. It is essential to have technical knowledge of soil mechanics, the associated engineering properties of these soils, and foundation design at the given project site. This is what makes DFS different from any other foundation repair contractor. We find the root of the problem and fix it right the first time.
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