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Crawl Space Repair

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, we also specialize in crawl space repair and encapsulating. Although it often gets ignored, it is imperative that crawl spaces stay dry to prevent pier settlement, mold, and wood rot below your home. At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, we employ a variety of solutions to remove excessive moisture, and correct your rotting and sagging floor structure to its original position for years to come.
Symptoms of Crawl Space Problems
• Sagging or Uneven Floors •
• Cracking Drywall Inside Home •
• Humid or Musky Smell •
• Sticking Doors or Windows​​ •
• Termite Damage •

​Do you have sagging and un-level floors throughout your home? Have you noticed your drywall cracking in certain rooms and areas? Chances are you have failing portions of your crawl space underneath your home. 

Nearly every crawl space issue we repair is attributed to excessive moisture or water retention of some type. Our homes are designed to repel and discharge water away from our home, but unfortunately conditions change and sometimes our drainage does not perform as well as it once did. There are many factors that can lead to drainage issues throughout your home or business, and it is important that these issues be addressed sooner than later.
How Does Moisture Affect My Crawl Space?

Excessive moisture is certain to cause problems with your foundation and support structure if not addressed by a professional in a timely manner. If your crawl space constantly has pooling water or moist sub soil, then your structure is most likely not draining properly and that moisture is being absorbed by your sub floor and floor joists. With time, moisture will cause your crawlspace to start warping, and create a prime environment for mold and rot to thrive. Moisture is the number one factor in wood rot in any structure. 

Many times we find ourselves coming behind handymen and carpenters that were hired to address the sagging or uneven flooring in our customer's home or business. Our customers are normally frustrated months later when the same symptoms start to resurface. The reality is that they have corrected the symptoms, and not the underlying moisture or settlement issues. Crawl space repairs can be illusive, and it's important that all aspects of the crawl space repair be addressed. At Dynamic Foundations, we employ custom crawl space repair solutions for every client's needs, and ensure the root of the problem is permanently eliminated.
Look familiar? We can help!
Crawl Space Repair in Florida and South Georgia
The first step in most crawl space repairs is removing the moisture sources from the crawl space. The professionals at Dynamic Foundation Solutions employ several solutions to address any crawl space repair we come across. 
Sump Pump Systems
Sump pumps are installed to remove large amounts of water from your crawl space to an outside drainage source.
French Drains
French drains are installed to route water outside of your crawl space or basement.
Dehumidifiers remove air moisture and humidity under your home.
Depending on the magnitude of your moisture problem, the professionals at DFS will typically use a combination of sump pumps, French drains, and commercial grade dehumidifiers to ensure your crawlspace and home remain dry and mold free at all times.
Structural Reinforcement and Piers for Crawl Space Repairs

Typically, moisture leads to deteriorated and rotted joists, beams, and other subfloor structure of your crawl space. Your crawl space structure can fail for many different reasons, but our engineers and technicians strategically install additional piers and bracing to level and reinforce weak crawlspace areas to their original condition. Our non-intrusive crawl space leveling process allows us to reinforce your sagging floors and crawl space structure without removing or damaging your existing floors! Whatever your crawl space repair may entail, the professionals at DFS can correct your problem with a custom tailored structural solution.
Crawl Space Sealing and Encapsulation
Crawl spaces often provide a damp, musky environment for bacteria and mold to thrive. Our crawl space encapsulation system completely seals your space to provide a healthier, more efficient space under your home or business. We use a variety of basement sealing products to encapsulate and seal every crawl space to the highest standards available. 

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

• ​Prevents Mold / Bacteria •
• Cheaper Utility Costs •
• Prevents Wood Rot •
• Creates Additional Storage •
• Blocks Moisture and Odors •

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, we employ dozens of moisture control products to create an effective moisture control system in your crawl space. Many times we suggest a combination of vapor barriers, drainage systems, and energy efficient dehumidifiers to ensure a dry and usable space under your structure. 
Not only does a rotting crawl space devalue your home or business, it can lead to heightened allergies and health issues as well. Many times we find that our clients have been fighting the odors and humidity through excessive air filters and insufficient dehumidifiers, when in fact they are attempting to treat the symptoms of crawl space issues below their structures. Our crawl space encapsulation and drainage solutions will help eliminate these problems, and actually add value to your property or home. Additionally, sealing and encapsulating your crawl space will help insulate your structure, and can save up to 20% on your utility costs!  

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, our background in geotechnical engineering, foundation design, and foundation testing, coupled with years of field service allows us to provide permanent solutions to the customer's foundation issue at hand. When it comes to foundations, every project is different, and there is no “one solution” that is best for each and every circumstance. It is essential to have technical knowledge of soil mechanics, the associated engineering properties of these soils, and foundation design at the given project site. This is what distinguishes DFS from any other foundation repair contractor. Our professionals find the root of the problem and fix it right the first time.
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