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Resistance Piers

Installing resistance piers is a time-tested process that consists of exposing the perimeter of the failing foundation, and using a hydraulic ram or jack to push concrete or steel piers into the ground until suitable bearing capacity is reached. Due to numerous on-site limitations, resistance piers are usually installed using multiple sections. These pier sections will vary in length, depending on the site geology and foundation design. Once the piers are driven to suitable load bearing strata we measure the bearing capacity to ensure each pier will support the desired loads. Our proprietary mounting system is then installed on the exposed foundation and hydraulic jacks are used to evenly distribute the structure’s weight onto the piers.

Our piers are designed and constructed in house, and can withstand pressures up to 4,000 pounds per square inch. Historically, one of the difficulties of resistance piers has been maintaining integrity and proper geometry as the multiple sections are added. DFS has designed a custom coupling bracket for each resistance pier section which ensures proper installation and eliminates any uncertainty that the pier sections are “walking,” or tilting, during installation. 

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, our background in geotechnical engineering, foundation design, and foundation testing coupled with years of field service allows us to provide the customer a permanent solution to the foundation issue at hand. When it comes to foundations, every project is different. There is no “one solution” that is best for each and every circumstance. It is essential to have technical knowledge of soil mechanics, the associated engineering properties of these soils, and the design of foundations at the given project site. This is what makes DFS different from any other foundation repair contractor. We find the root of the problem and fix it right the first time.
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