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Sinkhole Repair

Sinkholes are extremely common throughout Florida, and are the result of erosion and water flow through limestone, carbonate rock, and salt beds that can naturally be dissolved by groundwater. 

​Unfortunately, almost the whole state of Florida has a porous limestone layer which is supporting the upper soils on which we build most structures. Catastrophic failure can occur when a limestone void or cavity collapses and will leave a devastating effect on any structure which is built above a failing sinkhole.

Dynamic Foundation Solutions specializes in the discovery and remediation of sinkholes all over Florida. There are numerous methods to repairing sinkholes, some with more advantages than others. At DFS, we believe we have found the best solution for sinkhole repair. This is a chemical grouting process that consist of using an expanding polymer, which expands upon injection and fills the void under pressure and actually compacts the soil layers around the void. 

This technique also stabilizes the upper portion of soil under your foundation and is the least intrusive method available for repairing sinkholes. Chemical grouting method requires only hours of pumping as opposed to days or weeks. Due to the expanding polymer, there is also less material used than conventional, cementitious grouting methods. This saves time and money when you need it the most.
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