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Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is a technique used to strengthen a given mass of soil which is acted upon by forces transferred from the overlying structure and the foundation supporting it. 
This process is commonly referred to as chemical grouting. There are different methods and materials used in chemical grouting and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

At Dynamic Foundation Solutions, we diligently investigate each project site and employ the most advantageous methods and materials depending on the site sub-surface and the issue at hand. We work with Prime Resins, a pioneer in chemical grouting materials and applications, to give the customer the best quality and service that is available. Prime Resins has developed multiple polyurethane and epoxy resin products to tackle each and every soil stabilization issue imaginable. Some of these materials include Prime Flex 910, Hydro Gel SX, and Precision Lift 4.0. 

Although not realized by many foundation repair contractors, soil stabilization is paramount in many applications of repairing a failing foundation or un-level concrete. Most foundation repair contractors will only apply the slab leveling technique used to repair settling foundations, when there is a need for both soil stabilization and slab leveling in combination with each other. If your foundation is settling and causing cracked concrete and/or un-level floors, most of the time it is due to weak or unstable soil layers below the structure. To level the foundation and not stabilize the soil which supports the newly leveled foundation is essentially putting a Band-Aid on the problem. Initially, it will look good on the surface but the foundation will continue to fail or settle over time if you do not address the underlying cause of the problem.
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