About Dynamic Marine

Innovation. Drive. Expertise.

The team at Dynamic Marine strives to bring innovation, drive, and expertise to the marine industry. We employ a diverse team, and always challenge each other to put our best

foot forward, every time. We think outside the box, and build a product we are all truly proud of. We guarantee our docks, and pride ourselves with driving the deepest pilings in

Northeast Florida. We consider your dock to be an asset and extension of your home, and build with integrity on each project.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Recent year's weather conditions have led to dozens of unlicensed companies flooding

into the marine construction industry. As a property owner, it is essential that you do

business with a licensed and insured marine contractor. We provide our contracting

license, workers compensation, USLH, Jones Act, and pollution insurance with all quotes.

These do not come "cheap", but it is a felony to knowingly hire a contractor that does

not meet these requirements.

Using a licensed contractor protects both the property owner and legitimate contractors.

There are plenty of great local contractor's, so protect your investment and research your

contractor. Ask to meet prior clients, ask for their contracting license and insurances, and

never underestimate your gut feeling.

About The Owner

Nicholas Pigott

Nick brings innovation and drive to Dynamic, and serves as our Logistics Director for the Northeast Florida branch. Nick earned his bachelors in Civil Engineering from the University of North Florida, and is considered a local expert in the pile driving industry. Prior to Dynamic, Nick traveled the world for the Army Corps of Engineers, and a leading Engineering Consulting Firm.

Nick's demand for excellence and competitive nature bring immense value to the team at Dynamic Marine.

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