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Rent a Deck Barge from Dynamic Marine Construction

How do people accomplish tough projects on the water?

One way they do it is by sourcing high-quality deck barges and other pieces of equipment that can help to set the stage for successful operations in standing water, for example, in the design and implementation of decks, piers, and boathouses of any significant size.

At Dynamic Marine Construction, we offer barge rentals that are critical to helping our customers to achieve their goals in building out harbor or marine systems.

A Floating Stage

Our deck barge rentals provide the fixed installations that facilitate diverse marine building projects. We have 20 foot and 40-foot models available that you can deploy on the water to start to get the job site ready for action.

These deck barges are made with high-quality stainless steel materials and the same kinds of superior design that we bring to our deck and pier building services. By renting them to customers, we are helping property owners and other stakeholders to get what they need to make independent projects work. We also support customers on jobs with contracting that pays attention to safety and standards: we have the appropriate contracting license along with workers’ compensation, USLH, Jones Act, and pollution insurance, to make sure that nothing important is ignored – because going without these critical safeguards is hazardous!

Supporting Equipment

One of the main uses of a barge is to support equipment such as cranes and loaders that will help place materials precisely in the water. Our barges are weight rated for these kinds of uses, and able to handle the pressure that comes with this type of heavy work project. We know that our barges can stand the test because we routinely perform these types of projects ourselves. It’s not like you’re just going to an average rental shop and getting a random result.

Partner with a firm that understands the nature of marine construction! You’ll find this is very useful in getting your job done the right way. As Northern Florida’s premier dock and marine construction business, we have a reputation for excellence that is well deserved in our field. Choosing a company to work with is an important decision!

Take a look at our web site for more, and get a convenient free quote, at competitive pricing. We make the process transparent, to build that trust you need in a contractor, and to truly empower our customers to get more done, and build quality, on the water.

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