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Unique Challenges of Underwater Building

Building underwater is not the same as building on land. There are many different issues that come up, and challenges that companies have to work around when pursuing this sort of maritime construction.

Dynamic Marine Construction has an excellent track record with marine building, including piers, docks and harbors and other installations. Here are some of the things that we look out for as we grow this business.

Safety Considerations

In marine construction, job one is keeping workers safe.

Obviously, one of the risks for workers in this type of construction is drowning. Using the right safety resources and protocols vastly decreases the chances of one of these types of incidents, and that’s why we invest in setting up redundant controls and more, to truly watch out for the dangers inherent in the job.

Another potential problem is air embolisms that can develop in the blood vessels in divers who are under pressure. Again, paying attention to relevant safety measures prevents these sorts of accidents. We have the certified experience in making sure that these dangers are fully mitigated, either by safety procedures or by alternative methods of installation on a marine construction job.

Less Visibility or No Visibility

In marine construction, many experts talk about essentially “building blind.” Instead of being able to access the foundational areas where early installation takes place, companies may need to get creative. New laser and sonar systems can help, but visibility is seen as a key challenge in building anything underwater. This is evident any time you start to look at one of these projects – you can’t just displace the water. That’s not how it works! You have to know how to work WITH the water, as you build.

A Different Kind of Experience

For more on the challenges of underwater building, check out this broadside from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

“Building an underwater structure isn't something you learn strictly from books,” writes Jean Thilmany. “The know-how comes with experience, says Tony Mailhot, the technical director for special projects and port structures for WSP Canada Inc., a subsidiary of WSP Global Inc. (which deliver projects globally under the WSP and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff brands). Mailhot is drawing upon his own experience …”

When Thilmany writes that this type of building skill and acumen is not all about reading books, that resonates with us. In addition to knowing all of the technical material and working with written instructions and documentation, there's an intuitive side to underwater construction that is based on hands-on experience and learning what works in the field.

Call Dynamic Marine Construction for excellent marine construction services with the right kinds of safeguards and support for successful project implementation.

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