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Build It Once, Not Every Few Years

The team at Dynamic Marine strives to bring innovation, drive, and expertise to the marine industry. We employ a diverse team, and always challenge each other to put our best foot forward, every time. We think outside the box, and build a product we are all truly proud of. We guarantee our docks, and pride ourselves with driving the deepest pilings in Northeast Florida. We consider your dock to be an asset and extension of your home, and build with integrity on each project.

Your Dock & Bulkhead Is An Extension Of Your Home,
At Dynamic Marine We Never Forget That.

Bulkheads & Seawalls

The recent storms have proven the importance of having a solid foundation to ensure the retention of your homes yard, and soil. The heavy rains and high tides bring wash out to these areas and must be protected.

It is important to have a properly engineered and constructed bulkhead to ensure wash out from happening and natural erosion. These bulkheads and seawalls are retained by 5/8" threaded rod and secured to concrete (deadheads/slabs). All our masonry is performed by a 3rd generation mason to ensure the wall holds the immense pressure of your yard.

Work Barge Rentals/Leases

Dynamic Marine Construction also specializes in work and material barge rentals/leases. Our barges range in sizes from 20' to 40' lengths and can be pinned together to accommodate any particular project needs. Please feel free to call us for more details.

Docks & Piers

Your dock is an extension of your home. The team at DM never forget that. It is important that your dock is built to last. We pride ourselves in driving our piling deeper than any other contractor in NE FL. We drive our pilings 15-25 deep with commercial cranes and heavy duty pile drivers.

The framing and substructure is just as important. Our docks are constructed with stainless steel hardware, ensuring the dock will remain structurally sound for decades. We build our docks to more stringent standards than local building codes require. We provide guarantees with all new builds. We construct our bulkheads with the highest marine grade timber and Everlast vinyl sheets on our pile. Everlast sheet pile offers a consistent appearance that will withstand the natural crustaceans that build on structures. These sheets come with a 50 year manufacturers warranty.

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